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Goyougirl – Stress Free Travel for Solo Women Travelers

If you like the idea of travel but you are alone and would have to be a solo women traveler, I encourage you to think seriously about giving solo travel a go. I would like to help you by giving you all the information that you will need to make an informed decision to get out there and experience the excitement and joy of being one of many  solo women travelers, who live their dreams.

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Dreaming of your ideal solo Vacation

There are so many exciting possibilities and destinations that you can choose to travel to, you are at the right place for some good advice. As an older woman traveling alone I can share my experiences and some sound advice that might help you to make the decision to put aside your fears, and take the opportunity to become one of the many women who travel alone.

I have experienced a lot of Solo travel and I am convinced that it is a great way to go. That is not to take away from some of the awesome travel that I have done with friends and family, but once you take the opportunity to plan a trip that is totally designed for you, with no compromises and no interruptions then you will not regret it.

We all need a little “Me” time, especially when things get so busy and crazy out there in the jungle. What better way to re energize yourself by taking a week or two, or more, to just go and do what ever it is that is on your bucket list.

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I  have plenty of ideas for trips for women traveling alone and some tips to give you ideas to streamline the planning of your travel.

Traveling alone doesn’t necessarily mean that you are alone for the whole time and in fact I have some great solo travel secrets, tips and ideas that I am happy to share with you.

There are many solo travel tours that you can incorporate into your travel itinerary. You can just join in a day tour to go and look at something specific, such the one I attended as in the photograph below, to the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona Spain. Jump onto a hop on hop off bus tour for the best way to see the best of any city that you are visiting. Join a walking history tour where you get delivered unique history and information within a safe group environment. You might even meet other like minded people that you can share a meal with on your travels.

Sagrada Familia Stain glassed indows with light coming through
Sagrada Familia Barcelona Spain

When you are a woman traveling alone it is so easy to meet other people. Start by smiling and making friendly eye contact. You will very soon be able to work out if the person is willing to engage in further conversation. Just be aware of the safety within the situation that you are in. Being a woman travelling alone makes it easier for you to approach and speak to other women as you are usually seen as being less threatening.

Once you have made the first steps to travel alone, there are so many options that will suit your interests and budget.  I found that having a few set activities planned for me to attend and join in with worked well and this left plenty of free and flexible time to be spontaneous with your travel time.

Theses activities could include anything from work related seminars or conferences to sports and leisure activities or even hobbies and general interest tours. This planning will help to define your preference for where you plan to visit. For example you might be keen to go skiing in France in winter, or do some volunteer work in Jamaica. You could go to Thailand and attend a cooking class or go to Nepal and join in a guided trek in the mountains.

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Start your solo vacation planning with the first activity involving your interests and passions. This will help define your location and then using your budget you can plan the rest of the time that you want to spend at that location, or traveling to a from there. This might include local tours, maybe hop on hop off tours, or a walking history tour if your destination is a city.

A really good way to learn about your location and get an over view of the history is to go to the museum, wherever you might be. I have found some great museums in small towns, on my travels. This is a really good way to learn about the local history and oftentimes they are manned by local volunteers who are there because they have a genuine interest in their town. You should allow for extra time if you start talking and asking questions because I have found that the volunteers are so passionate they like to keep telling you as much information as you are willing to listen to.

Solo travel is becoming so popular now because people are finding themselves alone for various reasons, or it may just be that you want to travel but don’t have someone who wants to join you. You should not let this hold you back because there are so many exciting opportunities to broaden your knowledge and experiences by taking a trip and do something that feeds your soul.

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Don’t be held back by any thoughts that traveling solo as a woman may be unsafe for you. Think about it logically. Things happen everywhere and it is just a matter of being realistic and reducing your risks with some forward planning. Being aware of your environment is a major part of keeping yourself safe. This is the basis of most self defense courses, before you learn anything else. I will be able to give you some good safety tips for women traveling alone, that will ease your concerns.

Worrying about being lonely or having to eat alone or go on  travel tours by yourself is not something you need to do. Worrying is a waste emotion and all theses issues can be resolved easily. There are many group tours specifically designed for solo travelers and in particular solo women travelers. There are many on line apps that can help you meet up with other solo travelers either before or during your trip. Some of theses apps are specifically for only women and I will be able to cover this more in a separate blog.

I want to share with you my experiences and hopefully encourage you to try some Solo Traveler time so that you can experience some adventure. So Goyougirl – Go and find yourself.

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2 thoughts on “Goyougirl – Stress Free Travel for Solo Women Travelers”

  1. Hi Karen,

    I am an avid motorcyclist and adventure rider too and found your site very informative and especially your post on “Stress free Travel for Solo Woman travelers” highlight very important points. Yes, even though I am a guy, I found the post had a lot of relevant points and one’s I never thought of like, planning activities I am interested in, in the place I will be travelling to. Also, the suggestion about visiting the local museums is a very good one and one I have done myself.

    I would also recommend contacting local biker clubs and informing them of your travelling plans. They are a good source of information, especially if you run into unforeseen bike issues.

    Thank you for the website and all the wonderful suggestions.

    Safe travels, and keep them on 2 wheels…

    Vivian J Young

    • Vivian, thank you for taking the time to read my posts and I appreciate your thoughts and support.

      It is interesting that when you are involved in any activity you seem to be able to find like minded people that you can connect with in your travels. I notice this is particularly relevant with motorcycling but I am sure it is the same with other areas of interest.

      Enjoy your ride both on the road and throughout life.



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