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6 Tips for Women’s Travel Clothing

Having the correct clothing is important for any situation, but making sure you are organized and have suitable clothing when traveling is even more crucial. That is why it is important to take a look at these tips on women’s travel clothing when you are planning your next vacation

You may find yourself in vulnerable situations and could be deprived of your personal items if your luggage is mislaid. You may not have all of your travel items with you all the time so wearing suitable clothing that will last a couple of days will be a good idea.

I have put together some information for you on guidelines and tips for women’s travel clothing, top to toe, for various scenarios that will help you get through your travel experience without too much stress.

Best Women Travel Shirts for Your Trip.

The best way to be prepared and comfortable when traveling is to use layering for your tops. I find that women’s travel t shirts are the best all round option, unless you want to dress up more than that. T shirts can give you an individualized look and also be comfortable and smart with added accessories. You can even advertise your nationality if you are traveling internationally and feel so inclined.

I also recommend merino fabrics for layering as they can keep you warm and also have the moisture wicking properties that will keep you feeling fresh when you have to wear your clothes for several days. I suggest a merino thermal under layer and you can get several thicknesses of these to suit your destination.

T shirts in beautiful lightweight merino fabric which are wrinkle free and natural to wear are the best idea.

I would then suggest that you take a hoodie or jumper to wear over your t shirt, and then take a versatile jacket which can be taken as a carry on item. The jacket will not count as your personal carry on item over and above your handbag or carry on bag.

Best Travel Pants Women can Choose

My general recommendation for all your travel clothes is to choose versatile and lightweight fabrics, but warm enough if it gets cool such as on the plane and in air conditioned airports. If you are in humid or hot conditions then you need lighter garments but the layering will allow versatility for a change of temperature.  .

My fabric of choice would again be merino wool and even in the warmer climates this is quite a good choice. Cotton, and other natural fabrics would be suitable as well. Linen may not be as good due to it being easy to crease, but ironing it when damp will help avoid this.  This is not a practical solution for traveling though.

Women’s travel pants with pockets are also a good consideration. This allows for a bit more flexibility when getting through the airports, but you do also need to be aware of having to empty your pockets at security so don’t load them up too much. Pockets are handy on the plane to keep small items handy, such as lip balm and ear buds.

The subject of specific pants can be quite a personal choice and you may already have your favorite brands or styles that you prefer. In that case my general recommendations about suggested fabrics and additions to the garment such as pockets might help with a specific travel choice, within your faves.

Another type of pants that is popular and so comfortable for travel are leggings or yoga pants. They are really comfortable and of course if you like to keep active or practice yoga then you are set to go.

Wearing shorts when traveling is not really recommended unless maybe if you wear leggings underneath. Shorts don’t give you the flexibility of warming up in various situations. The other main consideration is that you are not protected from the seating on public transport to the degree that you would be if you were wearing long pants or a skirt.

Remember that the seats on public transport are not cleaned as regularly as you might do at home.

If you do like to wear a skirt then try to avoid wearing long flowing skirts as this can be a safety issue when using public transport and getting in and out of self-closing doors such as buses and trains.

Comfortable Women’s Shoes for Travel

Your travel footwear should be also light and comfortable. Do not try to wear high-heeled shoes because after several hours or even days you will not thank yourself for this. You need to be able to move around easily and to be able to take your shoes off at security so remember to wear clean odor free socks.

Talking of socks, I strongly recommend that you get some good compression socks for your flight. This is very important as you get older but even younger travelers are advised to use compression socks to avoid Deep Vein Thrombosis ( DVT) If you experience, pain, swelling, cramps, and discoloration of your skin, you need to see your doctor, or get medical assistance, promptly.

Beach style flip-flops will not be suitable. You might find them comfortable, but gong into public toilets with limited protection is not ideal. You will also find that warmer footwear on long haul flights is desirable as the air conditioning can get very cool.

Put it all in a Handy Bag for Travel

I have some good suggestions for the best women’s backpack for travel as you will need to be organized so everything you need is easily accessible but safe and secure. I personally have used the Eddie Bauer Back pack as it also holds my laptop and is very ergonomic for on your back. In fact once it is on you barely notice it, even if it is packed up well. You can read my review of the Eddie Bauer Pack Here.

Another option other than a smaller handbag is a cross body anti theft bag. Amazon has a few choices and the Travelon Brand has a few variations and choices which are all designed to be anti theft and have an extra level of security.

Enjoy Your Travel by Being Prepared.

By taking the time to plan your travel wardrobe and in particular the clothes that you might be wearing for the first couple of days of your vacation, you will has a much less stressful and more comfortable trip.

When you choose lightweight and natural fiber clothing and shoes you can survive those first days and what could otherwise be an uncomfortable and drawn out time. Remember that you don’t have too much freedom to move around or change your environment so be being more prepared with better travel outfits you will be more able to enjoy your trip without being uncomfortable or stressing about, “Are we there yet?”

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