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8 Best Places to Go in New York City


As a solo female traveler you are faced with decisions and issues that men usually don’t think about. As much as I can reassure you that it is safe to travel alone, you still need to put some consideration into choosing your destinations. Not only do the places that you go to, need to suit your personality and your interests, you do need to consider your safety. Here are some suggestions with my pick of the finds for the 8 Best Places to go to in New York City.

I recently spent several days in the city and I was surprised that I enjoyed it so much, because generally I am not a city person. I stayed at an Air BnB in Jersey City, which was quite a lot cheaper and the Public transport or even the Uber services were very good. The savings that I made on the cheaper accommodation outweighed the transport costs.

I tend to travel in the ” Follow my nose ” style so usually I book the accommodation as I go. In this case I booked about a week before I arrived but sometimes I choose to book accommodation for the night when I am tired of traveling for the day and book with as little as one hour notice.

I always travel with my laptop so I am able to work as I travel and book accommodation as I go. If this is something that you also want to do then I suggest that you use a VPN which s a Virtual Private Network so you can safely access your information on the net. I use Express VPN and find it is excellent. I feel totally safe from hackers and any spy software. Here is a link to find out more.

Here are my 8 Best Places, that I liked in New York City, but they are not necessarily in order of preference, and in fact if I was asked to choose my favorite, I might have trouble with that.

1. Broadway

You cannot go to New York City without a visit to Broadway. This is not something that I planned to do until I got

there and when I saw the signs and found the Theater District, I realized that was something that I needed to do.

Beautiful Carol King

The musical that I went to was “Beautiful“. It was played at one of the 41 Professional Theaters in the Theater District of New York City.

You’ve got to get up every morning with a smile on your face, and show the world all the love in your heart, then people are gonna treat you better, you’re gonna find, yes you will, that you are beautiful….

So many people grew up knowing and loving, Carol King and they resonate with the music and the wonderful lyrics. Watching the show was such an amazing treat and as it finished I was surprised when I realized that I had tears in my eyes, just from the feelings that the show evoked.

There are so many choices of shows to see on Broadway….. so when you are down and troubled, and you need some love and care, just go to Broadway and you’ve got a friend.

If you are interested in this show here is the link to book to see Beautiful

2. Hop on Hop Off Bus

You won’t have to go far to find a ticket for the hop on hop off bus. There are sellers all along the street usually near

Hop on hop off Bus
Hop on Hop Off Bus New York

the bus station. I paid $99 USD for a ticket to last me for 5 days on the bus. This also included a night tour and a ferry trip to the Statue of Liberty.

The tour also allowed for free access to the Museum of the City of New York which was one of the 25 stops that you could get of at. After exploring that particular area you could then hop on the next bus and carry on around the city listening to the very interesting and informative guided tour that was playing on ear buds provided when you got on the bus.

The tours take you to areas of the city include, Downtown, Uptown, Harlem, The Bronx, Central Park, You get a great view from the top of the bus. I was lucky that the weather was nice at the time which made the tour enjoyable.

It is also a great way to meet fellow travelers, which I did. I see that some sites recommend not to take these tours and go on a smaller group tour, but for me and my time frame and budget, I think this was a great way to get an overview of the city.

You can use this link to get your tickets for the New York City Bus Tours

3. Central Park

Most people will be familiar with Central Park after watching various movies that are set in New York City. The movies are wide-ranging and include, Spiderman 3, Vanila Sky, Serendipity, Cruel Intentions, Home Alone 2 and Wall Street.

Squirrel Central Park – New York

When you hop off the bus near Central Park you can go for an iconic ride on the horse drawn carriages through the park. You can wander around the Park and watch walkers, cyclists and skaters as if you are in a movie. Check out the squirrels under the trees. I was watching one for a while. They are pretty used to people and not very skittish at all.

Central Park has the most visitors of any urban park in North America at almost 38 million visitors each year. It must have been a quiet day when I was there because there didn’t seem to be that many people there at all. I walked across the park and saw a wedding, people fishing in the lake and kids watching the turtles and bird life in the turtle lake.

There is also a Castle and the Zoo within the Park, but leave yourself a whole day if you want to see everything there is to see in the park.

4. Statue of Liberty

Taking advantage of the Ferry that takes you to Ellis Island to see the Statue of Liberty is a highlight of the Hop on

Manhatten Bridge New York

Hop Off Tour. If you do not purchase this as part of the bus tour you can get an individual ticket to take the ferry and get a close up look at the Statue of Liberty. The Statue was gifted to the City of New York on the 4th July 1884, by France to represent the alliance between the two during the American Revolution.

The Statue was built in France and then shipped to New York where it was reconstructed after intensive fundraising within the New York City community, to complete the pedestal base to hold the huge commemorative icon.

Between 1892 and 1954 Ellis Island was the inspection station and entrance for more than 12 million immigrants who came with the hope of a better life. She echos the words of the famous poem by Emma Lazarus :

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…”

5. Museum of the City Of New York

Although there are many choices when it comes to Museums in New York, I can tell you firsthand, about the Museum of the City of New York. This is an easy stop from the Hop on Hop off bus. There is no charge if you present your bus pass as this allows for a complementary entry.

The Museum isn’t huge and can be seen in about 2 – 3 hours. I really liked it because it gave a complete overview of the History of New York, which was very interesting. The explanation of how the City developed over time with so many immigrants coming in makes complete sense when you get the overview of the city from the tour bus.

Neighborhoods like Little Italy, China town, Little Germany, The Bronx, Greenwich Village, Flatiron District, Soho, Korea town, all have their own unique and interesting history.

6. Times Square

Another iconic, must see in New York, New York is Times Square. You can get an over view of the square from the bus tour but to really experience it is to walk through.

It really does feel just like it looks, people everywhere, yellow cabs, billboards and neon lights and huge buildings dwarfing the street. Amazingly you can still see the sunset as the light changes as you look along the streets through the High Rises.

From the area of Times Square you can also access, Madame Tussaud, Ripley’s Believe it or Not, National Geographic Ocean Odyssey, and of course you can Hop on and Hop Off th Bus Tour to join the night tour which is really good.

7. The High Line Walkway

The Vessel – Hudson Yards

This elevated, disused railway line, meanders through the Meatdistrict, and you can follow it at above street level to

be away from traffic. It is a popular walking park and when I visited it with friend and her children it was a fun way to spend a summer’s evening. You can follow along the walkway for quite a distance or step off at various places to explore the city underneath.

We arrived at the Chelsea market in an historic biscuit factory which was very popular for interesting shopping and eating places that you could enjoy healthy, and not so healthy meals and snacks. We started the walkway at the new Hudson Yards Vessel which is an artwork structure and a building all in one.

It is 16 stories high with 2500 steps. You need to reserve your ticket to climb the building as it is very popular, but is also free of charge.

8. Food

The eating and food choices are endless and universal in New York. It just depends on how adventurous you want to

New York eating out
Hard Rock Cafe New York

be. My favorite while I was there was one visit to the Hard Rock Cafe, because the food and service was good and it was an iconic place to go as I had already been to the Hard Rock Cafe in Hawaii and then later in Prague.

The other meal that I really enjoyed was from a Halal food cart in Harlem. I sat on a concrete step eating the most delicious meal from a plastic container, and people watching. This was both entertaining and a little border line as there was an altercation brewing between two street people over a tarpaulin, and who owned it and who moved it. That was interesting, free entertainment and a culture insight which I love to experience.

Other food choices, if you want to be traditional to New York are plenty of pizza places, New York Bagels and of course. New York Cheesecake. Or you can be an international eater and for more traditional food, you can go to Little Italy, Little Germany, China Town, or go to Delmonico, the oldest restaurant in New York. Just be aware that if you are watching your budget then avoid the more touristy areas because you will pay more for less. Actually this is the norm where ever you travel.

To go or not

I think that even if you don’t particularly like big cities you should still consider a visit to New York city. It feels quite familiar because we have all seen some city when we watch TV and movies. There is so much to see and do and a five day stay was just perfect. I got to see heaps of the city and experienced the feel of it, but by the time I left I had had enough of the city.

Breaking it up with visits to the Central Park and the High Line Walkway was a good way to feel that it wasn’t all city. The city attractions can offer a wide variety of activities to suit every taste. Here is a link for discount tours and attractions that you can book if you want something more.

Wandering around at night was not a problem or a safety concern, and in fact the sights were even better in some instances.



12 thoughts on “8 Best Places to Go in New York City”

  1. I’ve been to New your severally on different occasions and I can that say it’s really a fun place to be, although it can be a very tiring stretch if you don’t have any information or anybody to we’ve as your guide as per where to go and how to get their. This article will really be helpful for this willing to visit NY soon or sometime. My favorite is the The High Line Walkway, i enjoyed the view and the beauty. It’s nice reading through.

    • Thank you, I am happy to share my experiences. 

      Yes, I think that having a guide would have been really good. I think next time I might do  a smaller guided tour now that I have done the Hop On Hop Off Bus. This might give me more detail, now that I have had the bigger overview.

      I really enjoyed the High Line Walkway, It was very nice walking around the buildings above the road level. It gave a different perspective on the views. 

  2. Exploration of the US without paying homage to the big city of New York is never complete and I can only thank you for broadening your search to streamline the bet places and sites to explore in the NY. This is rater great especially the statue of liberty and the broadway. I have been to virtually everywhere here and I can only agree with you that you did a great job here. Thanks

    • Thank you for your kind comments. I did enjoy your city, even though I am a small town, girl from New Zealand

      I think it is always nice to see your hometown through the eyes of tourists or visitors as it helps you to appreciate your place all over again. 

      I am actually slightly jealous that you live there as I didn’t really see all that I wanted to, but that just leaves it open for me to return and finish my sightseeing. I think there is plenty that I did not see so I will be back. . 

  3. Hello Karen, I think I will really enjoy my trip to Newyork judging from the way you have explained that one can also save even while having fun in the big city. I see here that you speak about going out at night but I want to be sure to if it is really safe. I think the bus ride will be my favourite and highlight out there. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you. 

      Yes I think that the option of going out at night can be flexible depending on your preferences. I actually just ran out of daylight and ended up walking back through the city, but I mentioned it to show that I wasn’t really worried too much. Some people may not be as confident so there would have been the option of just catching a cab or an Uber. I do mention in another post about being aware of your surroundings and some safety tips, which helped in this situation. 

      I did enjoy seeing the city in the different light but of course there is enough to see during the day. 

      The Hop On Hop Off bus was definitely a highlight and gave a great overview of the city. 

  4. The largest and probably one of the most beautiful and most lovely places I have ever been to in my life here on earth. It is just simply perfect. It has everything and one cannot finish its exploration and I thank you for streamlining the places to visit in it that can really define the coming to NY. I can only agree with you for this post here. Thanks for sharing them here. 

    • Thank you. I am pleased that you agree with my opinions based on your own experiences and visits. 

      As I mentioned in my post, I am not really a city person but I was really surprised how much I enjoyed looking around the city. The advantage of the nice parks and trees throughout the city was really nice. I hope you get to enjoy another visit soon. 

  5. My girl friend has been looking for the perfect pace to be at and i think this post will give her the perfect idea for where she should be. I really like the fact that you gave this idea in a very awesome way. I will tell her about this post and share it with her. New yourk sounds like a good place with great places to visit.

    • Thank you. That is great. 

      I really think that if you are able to go then you would enjoy it. There are plenty of things that you can do and see that should suit your interests. I hope you get a chance to go at some stage. 

  6. Wow, this is really interesting, I’ve read a lot about New York and it’s been on my list for a while. Most times when I visit New York City, I don’t get to have fun as I like because it’s mostly for business of official occasions. I’ll take out one of these days out to take like a week vacation there with my family. I love the places in here, I’ll show them to my wife amd I know she’ll really love them too. It’s really nice to read through.

    • Thank you, I am really pleased that this has got your interest. This is just a small taste of what you can find to see and do, but I would hope you can follow through with some of the recommendations. 

      It is great if you are able to take an extra day or so to look at a place in your own time,  either by yourself or with others. 

      I really hope you are able to experience some of what I have shown you.  


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