Best Travel Insurance For Over 50s

Now you have planned where you want to go for your Vacation you will need to start thinking about your travel Insurance. It can be tempting to take the risk and travel without insurance cover, although I do not recommend it. I have paid for insurance cover on many trips without making a claim, and it is easy to feel that it is a waste of money.

None of us like giving our hard-earned money to the Insurance Company, but you need to weigh up the risks. I have done some research and also from personal experience, I can suggest the best Travel Insurance for over 50s, for you. Of course of you don’t quite qualify in that age bracket, then this could also apply to you. If you are still planning your trip you might find my previous post on some Vacation ideas, Unusual Vacation Ideas for Solo Women Travelers, useful.

Assessing the Risks

As I have previously said, there are substantial risks that you take if you travel without Travel Insurance. This

Travel Risks
Why get travel insurance

applies, especially if you travel abroad away from your usual county of residence. In many cases you will be leaving your health and medical insurance cover behind, as soon as you step onto a ship or a plane, or even drive across a border.

Your usual medical cover is now nonexistent and you open yourself up to the risk of both accident and illness. Usually the costs associated with medical care outside your own country can be substantial.

This eventuality must be considered because not only are you dealing with the illness or injury, but this could create a domino effect that also disrupts your travel plans and those of your travel companions, if you are not traveling alone.

If in fact you are traveling alone, then there are also the added risks that you may need to have someone come to you to assist you to get home, On the subject of traveling alone, which I highly recommend, by the way, you do have to consider having a back up and the insurance cover will give you this peace of mind.

What to Look For In Travel Insurance.

When you are considering which Travel Insurance Company to go with, you need to consider what your needs will be to suit your travel plans. You may be offered travel insurance from your travel agent if you book your trip through them.

Check that the Insurance Company is solid. By this I mean that they are a reputable company that can cover the cost of paying out on a claim. Some companies have limited cover and restrictions on the cover and payout that would render the policy not very effective for your purposes.

These policies are sometimes offered by tour operators and cruise lines so you may want to arrange your own more comprehensive cover in these circumstances. You can read more about this here, in a recent article in Forbes.

Once you have booked your trip and decided on your itinerary this is the best time to get your travel insurance. Don’t wait until the last minute because if there is a change in any situation, say global warnings about weather or terrorism and you need to change your plans then you will not be covered for this.

When you get your policy, read over your documents. I know that reading all that information can make your eyes glaze over but this is the time to make any adjustments or even cancel the policy if you need to. You should be able to get a full refund at this early stage unless your policy states otherwise.

Best Travel Insurance I have found

I have used Allianz Global Assistance, several times when I have traveled internationally. Luckily for me only had to make a claim the one time and that was for lost and stolen items so it was pretty minor. It was a fairly straightforward exercise and I was reimbursed, without any issues.

Allianz Travel Insurance gives good cover and can also include Rental Car Damage Protector which gives peace of mind for your rental car. It doesn’t take much for damage to occur to your rental car and can even happen when you leave it parked.

Any damage to the car can cause you to pay several hundred dollars in excess if you do not have the extra cover.

The overall cover that you receive, depends on what you choose for yourself for before your trip. Allianz also have a free app which can be an easy way to make contact and get instant information whilst you are traveling.

Allianz was also voted the best travel insurance company in the 2019 Elliot Readers Choice Awards which is a non-profit organization that provides consumers with free advice and advocacy services.

Be aware that you can pick and choose what cover suits you and whatever company you go with should have variations in cover that will suit your needs.

Other Top Recommendations for Travel Insurance

Some other Travel Insurance options that have appeared in top consumer ratings are, Travelex, Amex Insurance, Travel Guard and Seven Corners. Travelex looks to be a good second choice with reviews stating that it is easy, quick and inexpensive with good customer service.

Travelex, reviews are favorable and mention the ease of buying the policy on line and also being able to make claims on line. Your payment can be made to a PayPal account for convenience.

Choose your cover to suit your circumstances. Travel insurance is quite varied and includes cancellation or trip interruptions cover, emergency medical cover, lost or damaged baggage, annual multi trip cover and more.

Pull It All Together

By now you should have a bit of information to get you started on planning your Travel Insurance. This of course will depend on your travel plans and you should follow through accordingly.

Don’t try to skimp too much on your travel cover. I do understand that it feels like wasted money spending on insurance and not claiming, but the alternative of what you stand to lose very much outweighs this theory.

Make sure you have good documentation if you do need to make a claim. Read your policy carefully and understand what you are covered for. It is no point claiming for something that you hope you are covered for and then being disappointed when in reality you have got a basic cover, but expect premium deluxe service.

Good communication is key. Happy and safe travels to you.

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