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10 of the Best Travel Packing Cubes for 2020

When you are planning a vacation you have to put some thought into how to pack your clothes for traveling. If you would like to get some travel tips, and in particular the best way to pack clothes for travel, using the best travel packing cubes and the best travel compression cubes for 2020, then I can help you with that.

Here you will find some of the best tips to help you with packing your clothes more compactly, with less creasing and in a more orderly fashion.

I will show you the best features and the pros and cons of packing cubes, compression cubes and the differences so you can choose the best travel accessories for a vacation or holiday.

What are Packing Cubes?

Packing cubes are a fabric pouch with a zipper, either part way around, or right around the pouch. They come in

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varying sizes to accommodate small items such as socks and underwear or you can use medium to larger sizes that will hold shirts and trousers and other clothing items.

Packing cubes can be partly mesh material, or different fabrics, some of which may allow for better airflow, and let your clothes breathe better. Some packing cubes are made of water resistant fabric which can be a useful feature.

You can choose the most suitable designs and fabric to suit your destination. Packing cubes are used for organizing and separating your clothing and other items in your travel backpack or bag to allow for better access and organization.

What are Compression Cubes?

Compression cubes are similar to packing cubes but they have two layers of zippers. The first zipper closes the pouch when it has been packed, and the second zipper pulls the pouch in tighter and more compact to double down the pouch. This compresses the contents to allow for your clothing to take up less space in your bag.

How to use Packing Cubes for Travel

Packing cubes will keep your travel bag organized and tidy and allow for your clothing to be easily accessible and you

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can use the packing cubes for storing your clothes and other items,  when you arrive at your destination.

They are handy for similar items such as all your socks in one and underwear in another. Alternatively you can pack outfits and clothing items together that you might like to wear on separate days. When you arrive at your destination it is then easy to find what you need and keeps everything tidy and where you can find it. Some packing cube sets also have a clear pouch that is TSA friendly so you can pack your toiletries into it for airport screening

You can save space in your case and in the packing cubes if you roll your clothing as you pack it. This may also help to stop creasing the clothing during travel. Some people do like to lay the clothing flat and this is a personal choice although it may take up more room in your travel bag.

The use of travel cubes may also take more space in you case, than if you just packed the clothing directly into your bag. This again is a personal choice but the organizational benefits of the travel cubes can outweigh the small amount of extra space required.

Travel Packing Tips:

Here are a few good tips for packing your bags for travel. The variations of how you should pack are many, as travel

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can be anything from budget backpacking in the jungle, right up to high end luxury travel. I will try and cover what might be same general ideas and options.

  • Start by making a list
  • Include easy to dry fabrics
  • Wear your heaviest clothing if possible
  • Start filling your bags well before you go
  • Choose a lighter bag to save carry on weight
  • Pack travel friendly clothing like merino wool
  • Pack some extra zip lock bags and plastic bags
  • Know your bag weight restrictions before you fly
  • Think about layering clothing to cover different seasons.
  • Pack your bag like it is a tetras game and fill all the spaces
  • Don’t over pack – You will be surprised at how little you need
  • Pack clothes inside out to avoid them getting soiled during travel.
  • Roll your clothing for better space saving and less creasing than folding.
  • Identify you luggage with ribbons, stickers or labels  for easy identification

What are Best – Packing Cubes or Compression Cubes?

There are a lot of choices with both packing cubes and compression cubes and there are pros and cons with both. Here is a summary of what I have found from my experience and research.

Packing Cubes


Compression Cubes

The Best Packing Cubes for Travel

After researching into the pros and cons and different uses for both packing cubes and compression cubes, I

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recommend that you use packing cubes for travel. There are some advantages for using the compression cubes but in general the packing cubes will help with the organization of your bag without the extra fussing of the double zipper and having to take the air out of the compression cubes at the risk of creasing your clothing.

The other advantage with packing cubes is that they are more suitable for storing electronic items and accessories where you don’t need to try to compress the pouch. You could however choose to use a combination of both the packing cubes and compression cubes to get the best advantage of both. For instance the compression cubes could be useful to store your dirty clothes so they can be compacted and the crushing would not matter in this situation.

1.Yamiu – 7 Piece Set

Yamiu Packing Cubes - 7 piece set
Yamiu packing cubes

Product Features: 

  • Set consists of 4 cubes, 1 water Resistant Shoe Bag, and 2 clear toiletry bags.
  • Bags are 4″ thick, Shoe cube is 5″ thick and clear bags are 3.1″ and 2.3″
  • Shoe bag is waterproof so can also be used as a dirty laundry bag.
  • Cubes are lightweight with strong zippers.
  • Made from Water Resistant materials.
  • Good choice of colors

2. Bagail – 6 Piece Set


6 Bagail Packing cubes
Bagail Packing Cubes


Product Features:

  • Cube bags are 4″ deep.
  • Nylon fabric
  • Reinforced interior seams
  • Mesh top panel for ventilation and identifying contents
  • Good color choices

3. Shacke – 5 Piece Set


5 Travel packing cubes
Shacke Pak packing cubes

Product Features:

  • Water resistant fabric
  • Reinforced double stitching for strength
  • Cubes are 4″ deep
  • Good quality Zippers
  • Nice design and colors

4. Vagreez – 7 Piece Set

Pink packing cubes assorted sizes
Vagreez packing cubes


Product Features:

  • Bags are double zipped compression bags
  • Bags are 4.7″ deep
  • Mesh top for ventilation and identification of contents
  • Handle included
  • Heavy duty zippers
  • Buckle strap to secure.

5. Travelwise – 5 Piece Set

5 Grey Packing Cubes stacked on top of each other
Travelwise packing cubes


Product Features:

  • Good color assortment
  • Lightweight Nylon fabric
  • Breathable mesh top to help identify contents
  • 2 way zippers for easy fast closing

6. Gonex – 4 Bag Set


4 Teal colored compression bags
Gonex compression bags

Product Features:

  • Compression zips for choice of compression feature
  • Variety of colors
  • Soft nylon fabric
  • Carry handle
  • Water repellent

7. Dot & Dot – 4 Pack Set


4 Packing cubes red,yellow, green, blue stacked up
Dot & Dot packing cubes

Product Features:

  • Different colors in the set for differentiation
  • See through mesh tops
  • Designed to fit in standard carry on bags
  • Firmer designed cubes
  • Good quality zippers

8. Amazon Basics – 4 Piece Set


4 Grey Travel cubes
Amazon basics travel cubes


Product Features:

  • Color choices
  • Good quality fabric and zippers
  • Finished interior seams for durability
  • Double zippers for easy closing
  • Mesh top for ventilation and viewing contents
  • Handle

9. Eagle Creek – 3 Bag Pack

Set of three charcoal colored travel cubes
Eagle Creek travel cubes

Product Features:

  • 3 Colors available
  • Lightweight durable fabric
  • Mesh top for ventilation and identification of contents
  • Handle
  • Water Resistant
  • 2 Way Zipper

10. Idesort – 8 Bag Set

Stack of 4 blue travel cubes and 4 green travel cubes
Idesort Travel Cubes


Product Features:

  • 2 Colors in the set with 4 sizes
  • Durable honeycomb fabric
  • 2 Way zippers of good quality
  • Double stitched for strength
  • Color variations
  • Handle
  • Tag label to identify contents
  • Waterproof
  • Versatile for family of for a long vacation

The Best of Travel Packing Cubes

This review includes several options of cubes ranging from 3 bag sets to the final 8 bag set. This should give you options to choose the best travel packing cube to suit your needs.

Everyone has different agendas when they are traveling, from the time that you plan to be away and then the number of people traveling. All of these sets are of good quality and a good budget price. Although many people do not even know about the option of using these packing cubes for travel as it is a fairly new concept.

I see from the reviews that the travel packing cubes are becoming more popular, and in fact once people start to use them for their travel packing then they find that they are a basic requirement.

The best packing cubes for travel have been summarized and reviewed for your information and I hope that this saves you time doing your research so you can pack your bags and enjoy your travel experience, with less stress.











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