Solo Travel Tours Women over 50 Can Enjoy

As we get older our situations and therefore our options in life change. We may have more time and money whilst at the same time be held back by some physical limitations. Travel can broaden your horizons and  open up new opportunities to visit exciting places and meet interesting people.

If you like the idea if some adventure or just want to experience something different then you are at the right place, because I have some good ideas and advice for solo travel tours women over 50 can enjoy.

I will outline a few tips and ideas that will help in your planning some travel single senior women can enjoy.

I am also going to give you some ideas for travel packages seniors can go on.

I will also give you some specific ideas on Adventure travel, Solo travel groups women can join,  and ideas on solo traveling for senior women.

Planning solo travel for senior women.

Now being over 50 does not necessarily put you in the senior category and it has been said that 50 is the new 40, or is it that 50 is the new 30 and 60 is the new 40. Anyway that is just a subjective point of view and as long as the end result is that you can experience as much as you can in life because you only have one, and none of us are getting out of this life, alive.

Your age may just be a number and you perhaps you still feel as fit and agile as you did when you were younger. Maybe you are starting to get a bit creaky and slower moving and have to remind yourself to take care as you move around, especially when you are away from your normal environment and your home base.

I appreciate you taking the time reading this and I want to give you some travel ideas that will suit all of you as senior women traveling solo. Although I like the ideas of minimilistic travel ideas to reduce stress, you do need to do a certain amout of planning to make the best of your itinerary and travel activities. If you fail to plan then you plan to fail – so they say.

  How to plan for Travel as an Older Solo Women

When you are planning your travel this may reflect your everyday situation. You may just be traveling alone, but not necessarily be alone on a daily basis. Maybe you have someone supporting and helping you on a daily basis,  so the thought of traveling alone might be daunting. I have written about ways to help with this  If this is the case then you might be slightly out of your comfort zone but there is no reason to stress about this. Just methodically go through and plan your trip and your itinerary. Based on this you will then know where to start.

Do some research on where you are going and what the weather and season will be there. That will give you a basis on what to start packing. Even if your destination is a hot desert Island in the middle of summer I suggest that you pack a layered item or two. Even if you don’t need it at your destination you may need it on the plane as they can get very cold sometimes. You might like to check out my post on Tips for Woman’s Travel Clothing for some more ideas.

If you plan and pack your items in categories, such as, clothing and shoes, documents, electronics and phone, and then your money. Don’t forget your compression socks. Lastly plan any accessories and random items that you may need, such as healthy snacks and a water bottle. This may save you a lot of money and help you to avoid eating too much airport food.

Try and think about your usual routines and plan your packing around them. You will feel more comfortable eating your normal foods especially if you have a particular diet such as gluten free.

Medication is an important component of course but you also need to think about taking extra incase your trip is delayed. Another useful document to have is a letter from your doctor outlining your medication. This can be helpful at airline check in but also if you need it to double as a prescription which is what happened to me in Spain. I was surprised but I was able to buy medication over the counter at a pharmacy just by using my doctor’s letter.

Write out your list of items to pack based on the categories that I have mentioned. This will help you not to forget items

Senior Solo Travel Tours for you

Traveling as a solo women does not by any means being alone. There is a plethora of Solo Travel groups for solo women and even older solo women. You choices can be based on the type of travel that you choose to do. If you are fit and want to maybe climb Mount Kinabalu or hike Machu Picchu.   

If Machu Picchu is one of your bucket list for travel then you will need to do some extensive research before you go.The logistics of getting to Machu Picchu are quite callenging but not impossible. You will just need to allow adequate time and plan quite a long time ahead. Here are some things that you will need to consider

  • Book as far ahead as you can due to the popularity of the site and therefore the requirement to book ahead to avoid missing out.
  •  Take into account the time of the year. The rainy season is from October to April, although the weather can be unpredicable at any time.
  • The peak season is July to August so don’t expect to beat any crowds during this time.
  • Allow sufficient time to acclimatize to the altitude. This is not a trip that you can just arrive and visit and then leave again, especially if you want to get the most out of it.

You might like the idea of just traveling without too much of a set itinerary and then join short tours for the day or a couple of days. This is a good way to see local areas and get some insight and history from a local expert.

Some of the organised or guided tour options are:

  • Fully guided tour with tour guide and accommodation and meals organised and included in the whole deal.
  • Self Guided tours may include the transport and accommodation and are usually less structured and allow for more flexibility.
  • Adventure tours are usuall specific types of sports or activities such as cycling, motorcycling, skiing, or kayaking. They organise the activities and usually the transport and accommodation.
  • Walking tours can be anything from a guided tour of the el Camino de Santiago in Spain for days or weeks, to a 2 hour walking history tour in your favorite city
  • Bus tours can take you across countries and continents or across town on a hop on hop off bus tour.
  • Special interest such and cooking or art classes are a good way to meet new friends.

You will need to do your research for each type of tour that you want to participate in. Make sure you book well ahead because the orgaised tours are often booked out well ahead of time.This lead in time will also give you a chance to plan and save which will be helpful especially if you are on a tight budget.

Solo Travel Tours Women can Join

When you travel solo then you get the chance to make it all about you. How about you go on a retreat where you are taken care of and pampered a little bit. This doesnt have to be expensive and in fact there are some excellent retreat tours that you can join.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Wholelistic retreat in Mexico or India
  • Hire a Canal boat in the Uk or Europe.
  • Cycle tour in New Zealand
  • Hiking in New Zealand
  • Go trecking in Moroccco
  • Take a train tour through Italy and Switzerland

Once you focus on a theme based on your interests then it gives you a base to start planning you next travel adventure. Just go and enjoy. 



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