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Eddie Bauer Voyager 2.0 30 Pack Review

Product Specification

Product: Eddie Bauer Unisex Adult Voyager 2.0 30 Pack – Black

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Capacity: 30 liters

Size: 18″H X 11.5″ W X 10.5″D

Weight: 2lb 5b oz

Guarantee: 1 year refund warranty and Full Replacement Guarantee for failure of product.

My Rating: 9.8 out of 10

Product Features

After years of travel I have found that carrying around lots of heavy luggage is not the way to go. I have perfected the art of traveling light. The Eddie Bauer Unisex Adult Voyager 2.0 30 Pack is a perfect solution to this problem. I want to share my thoughts on this Eddie Bauer Backpack.

At 2lb 5 oz the pack starts off with the advantage of being very light. The backpack has a built in sleeve to drop over your trolley handle when traveling so it sits on top of your bag to push along carrying it through the airport. That in itself halves the number of bags that you are maneuvering through the airport and around the streets.

The padded laptop compartment is discretely zippered on the side, so you can slide in your laptop keeping it separate from the main compartment. I can vouch for the fact that this compartment will keep your laptop secure and safe, as I have a personal story to verify this.

I had the pack on my back, with the laptop in it, whilst riding my motorcycle, when the bike hit a diesel spill, on the road. I came off, and slid along the road about 100 yards before coming to a stop. Not only the backpack but also the laptop survived the incident with virtually no damage. (The bag strap just got a small road grazing to the side).

The straps and shape of the back, are extremely ergonomic and are so comfortable that you hardly know you are wearing it, even when loaded up.

The shaping in the back of the pack fits right into the small of your back. With the adjustable back strap and waist straps you can adjust the pack to fit your shape perfectly.

The side pockets are suitable for a water bottle if required and side zips give extra little storage compartments. The padded front pocket is perfect and safe to drop your cell phone into for easy access. A key clip inside the front pocket is a handy addition.

The full, U shaped zip, gives a wide opening which enables easy packing into the bag. Several pockets inside this main compartment gives more options for packing.

The front of the pack has an extendable pocket which can be used for larger items or shoes.

Here is a list of the items that I packed into the bag, comfortably,

Bag Capacity

  • Scarf
  • 5 x Tops
  • Full dress
  • Drink Bottle
  • 1 Tunic Dress
  • 2 X 2 Piece Tops
  • Laptop and Cord
  • 1 X 2 Piece Dress
  • Light Puffer Winter Jacket
  • Toothbrush (There was still room for a toiletry bag)


My Conclusion

As you may have guessed I am very impressed with this Eddie Bauer Voyager 20 30 Pack. I have been using it for

Eddie Bauer backpack review
Eddie Bauer travel backpack

several months of constant travel and found it to be quite sturdy and robust. The capacity is great for the overall size of the pack and the separate compartments and pockets make it easy to keep your items separate and easy to find.

I found that the laptop compartment was very secure and the padding keeps the laptop safe and well-supported.

The front padded pocket is excellent for cellphone, sunglasses and is easy access for items that might be needed more often. I also used it to keep my passport for easy access when I was in the airport.

I gave it a rating of 4.8 just because I thought that it might be better in different colors but having said that, black is good.

The best place to buy this Eddie Bauer Voyager 2.0 30 Pack is at

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