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Great Solo Vacation Ideas For Women – Prague

Prague has been a place that I have been longing to visit after hearing from friends and family that it was the favorite destination on their travels. Finally, I have had the chance to visit the amazing city and I spent a few days exploring  and soaking up the atmosphere, culture and the history. It is totally one of the Great Solo Vacation ideas for Women.

I will tell you about the main tourist spots in Prague and also about some other areas that you might like to visit if you are there for a few days. I am sure there will be places that will appeal to you, if you are traveling alone,  you can please yourself and pick the best choices from my list of ideas.

Prague at night

As I mentioned about the other places that I have presented to you, I will assure you that traveling to this city is as safe as any other and you don’t need to be worried about your safety if you are traveling alone, as long as you follow common sense safety tips.

There have been previous warnings about pickpockets but really things like this are a global issue the way people move around the world. Just keep you valuables secure as you move around through the city and public areas.

Transport Options in Prague

You can choose to fly into Prague which is a convenient and cheap option if you are already in Europe. Plan with enough time ahead of you and your flights will be quite affordable. I managed to get a very cheap flight just less than two weeks from when I flew there, so if you want to be spontaneous then keep an eye out because there are bargains to be had.

As it turned out, my flight was canceled after waiting at the airport for an extra hour or two, and then sitting one the plane for another hour. We were shuttled off the plane again and had to find accommodation for the night. Luckily I had someone with me who knew a hotel that

Museum of Public Transport Prague

they had stayed at before and we managed to get booked in just in time before everyone else on the plane tried to book. The sweet spot with this scenario was that I had an extra half day to explore and then the airline had to pay the European Union Flight Cancellation Compensation which can be up to 600 Euros. That might have just paid for my trip.

Apart from the usual taxis and Uber you have the choice of buying a 24hr or 72hr pass which gives you access to the trams and buses to get into the city. These are very cheap and are available from the major Metro Stations and at Tourist Information Centers.

Of course when you get into the central city walking is the only way to go. You are able to have a really good look at all the main attractions and soak up the atmosphere as you go.

The Must Do Attractions in Prague

Here are four of the top attractions that you can do by walking around the center of Prague.

Prague Cathedral
St Vitus Cathedral Prague

The St Vitus Cathedral is a magnificent example of architecture over the centuries, with the first beginnings of the church in 1060 until it was recorded as completed in 1929. It is sited in the grounds of the Prague Castle so your visit can take in the whole complex.

Try to get there earlier in the day because although I was able to wander around the outside of the buildings, it was too late in the day to take advantage of access to the internal areas of both the Castle and the Cathedral. Seeing the photos of what can be viewed from inside and in the towers, I am sorry that I didn’t plan that better, but that just warrants a return visit.

The Prague Astronomical Clock also known as Prague Orloj, is found in the Old Town Square. Time it right and you can see it working on the hour every hour. The four figures on the outside of the clock represent Vanity, Greed, Death ( The Skeleton) and lust and earthly pleasure.

Prague Astronomical Clock
Prague Astronomical Clock

The clock is the oldest clock still operating and is very ornate with depictions of the Earth, Sun, Moon, Sky and was essentially used in medieval astronomy. It is worth being there on the hour to watch the time acknowledged by the clock.

I was intrigued to watch the very historical clock at work with everyone taking photos with their cell phones. It was a moment in time when the vast differences in technology were highlighted.

The other iconic must do and see in Prague is of course the St Charles Bridge, which crosses the Vitava River. You can wander over the bridge to get to the Castle from the town Center. This amazing Gothic bridge was named after Charles IV who started building it in 1357. It was completed in 1402.

Walking over the bridge you will not be able to resist being impressed by the beautifully ornate statues along the walkway. Time it want to keep with tradition then you need to touch the statue of St John of Nepomuk, who was a Czech Martyr Saint who was executed and thrown into the River at some sad time in history. If you want to have good luck and to ensure that you return to Prague then touching this statue is a must.

Other Querky Places to see in Prague.

While I was spending time in Prague I found myself in an historical Cemetery. There were amazing huge crypts placed all through the Cemetery It was so poignant to think that some of the Crypts were bigger than some of the houses that the poor would have had to endure. It

Pieta By Anna Chromy
Pieta By Anna Chromy

was actually almost like wandering through a park because the trees and landscaping was really nice. I was pleased not to be there at night, although I see there are a few Cemetery tours that you can do, if you are interested. It would have been nice to have a guide to fill in some history an they usually tell some interesting stories.

Another place that I really enjoyed was the Prague Museum of Public Transport. This Museum had a wide variety of interesting exhibits, not just vehicles. The main hall of vehicles includes, motorbikes, cars, trains, balloons, and bicycles, all in the one room. It is pretty impressive. Check it out while you are there, or one of the many other interesting Museums. Learning about history can be an insight into today.

Do You Want Food With Your Beer?

Prague is famous for cheap, good beer and food, and it didn’t disappoint on my trip. If beer is your thing, you should be able to find something you like for the right price. The food was a delight and quite varied so it would suit all tastes. The classics, sauerkraut, meats with dumplings, good hearty soups and stews and then lighter options were available. If you are not sure where to go, there are plenty of food guides available. I like to try my luck at places that i see, as I wander around. I always check to see how busy the places are and go to where others are eating, that is always a good guide.

Make sure You Put This One on Your Bucket List

Hopefully I have convinced you that you need to go and spend some time in Prague, if you didn’t already have it on your bucket list. Prague is an amazing city and in hindsight I should have spent more than a few days there. Oh well, no worries, I touched the statue of St John of Nepomuk, so I will be back.

St Charles Bridge Prague-

4 thoughts on “Great Solo Vacation Ideas For Women – Prague”

  1. Hello, nice article but, I have to say that it scares me to hear about women traveling alone.

    I live in Hawaii for about 15 years. It is Hawaii so seems safe enough? Not at all, the tourist was being robbed

    by the locals, burglarizing rented vehicles of valuable items. Women walking down the stairwells were getting 

    sexually assaulted and worst There was one case of a man using the restroom. He was robbed and beaten

    and died from the injuries. Not, trying to give Hawaii a bad image! I lived there but, I always felt it is better to travel

    with another person expecially for women. Take the elevator and not stairwells, keep some paper spray on you!

    Also, lock your valuables in the trunk of the rented vehicles if you chose to drive. I have a 21-year-old daughter and I would be terrified if, she told me that she was traveling alone in a foreign country. I think it is better to be safe than sorry. But, overall I enjoyed your article and Prague sounds like a great place to visit and drink some beer! 

    Thank you and keep up with the awesome articles!

    • Carlton, thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment on my page. 

      It is really concerning to hear that such violence is occurring in Hawaii or anywhere else for that matter. I have actually traveled to Hawaii alone and had no trouble at all. That’s not to say that it isn’t a problem.

      I suppose that I am quite confident about travelling alone so that is why I am trying to share my experiences and skills to other people who might like to travel alone. I do take notice of my surrounding and have similar advice in my other posts that I share with readers to give them tips for solo women travelling alone. 

      There is a lot that can be done to minimize the risks. Like you say, not being alone in stairwells or dark alleys late at night is common sense.

      Well hopefully my information can also be of use to anyone wanting to travel to Prague. It  is really an amazing city that I am happy to share information about. 

      Thank you



  2. Wow! What a nice article. Thank you! I’ve heard of Prague but I had no idea about the beautiful pieces of history to see there. That St. Vitus Cathedral looks awesome! And I really like the idea of traveling alone as I can be an introvert most of the time. I would feel completely content walking around Prague by myself and going to those exhibits. Being able to take my time reading everything. Awesome!

    Thank you for this wonderful post,


    • Thank you Billy. 

      I see that you totally get it, in relation to solo traveling. That is exactly what it is all about. Not only can you look at things at your own pace without feeling pressured, your time is your own and you can meet people easier than if you are in a group. 

      It is the best self care activity you can do for yourself. Go do some solo traveling and find yourself.



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