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Solo Travel for Women Over 50

If you want to experience real freedom, the kind where you can dance like no one is watching and sing like no one is

Sagrada Familia Barcelona Spain
Sagrada Familia Barcelona Spain

listening, then, traveling alone is the way to go. Solo Travel for Women over 50 can be a refreshing treat. Something to look forward to after a lifelong habit of putting everyone else before yourself.

You may have lived your life with people around all the time. Friends, Family, Kids and Grand Kids. You are the center of everyone’s day and things don’t run smoothly without you. Maybe you have been lucky enough to have been taken care of your whole life and not had to think about planning or organizing anything.

Well maybe now is the time that you need to step outside your comfort zone. You know what they say- that is where life begins. At the end of your comfort zone. If you can step past your fears then you are in for a treat.


Woman’s Intuition – Follow your instinct

You have a lifetime of experience. You may have raised a family or been involved in a long career, or maybe none of

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the above. Either way you have more skills than you realize. Sometimes you may not know what to do in a situation. Just stop – Be quiet and think about what is happening. You will know what to do.

This may be true for the planning stage, right the way through to the actual trip and beyond.

When you plan your trip, do some research, find out some locations that resonate with you. There are so many options, and sometimes you may not know what exists. You do not know what you do not know. Search the internet, talk to friends, watch travel documentaries on the TV. Do as much research as you can to give yourself an overview of what your options are. The more you get into it the more you might fine tune what you are looking at and by a process of elimination you will find your sweet spot of where you want to start your travel plans.

Plan Out Some Skeleton Details:


So now you should have an idea of where in the world you want to go to. When traveling solo I like spontaneity. You

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might be the complete opposite and want every detail planned. So how to start? You should have a budget and a time frame. This will determine the outline of your trip. Book the first leg of your travel and the first night’s accommodation so you have peace of mind for that.

If your Budget and time frame is flexible then you can leave a bit more wriggle room for how much planning you want to do. For instance on my last trip, I didn’t book my return flight until about two and a half weeks before I was due to fly home. This allowed for me the to juggle my time and also not pay the absolute top rate for my flight by booking it at the last minute. My trip was pretty much, a, follow your nose type trip and it worked very well because things change as you go along and it allowed for that flexibility to change.

If you want to attend activities such as a concert or an event then you will need to book your travel and accommodation around those dates. Draft all this onto a calendar with the definite dates and activities blocked in. Then you can see where you free time can be and you can decide if you want to plan or not plan that time.

What to take?

No you don’t need the kitchen sink! I have traveled for 3 months with just the size of a carry on bag or medium backpack, and even then I didn’t use everything. If you think carefully about where you are going and what you plan to do, and of course the season that you travel in you can cut your luggage right back to bare basics. Traveling for work is of course different situation where you may need more corporate type clothes, but we can cover that elsewhere.

We are so lucky today to have amazing fabrics that are suitable for layering like Merino, that can cover multiple

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seasons and can roll up very small. If you plan your suitcase like a budget wardrobe with mix and match items that can go with each other and layer they can suffice for different temperatures. If you plan to take the right items of clothing they will also be easy to wash and dry whilst traveling and living in hotel rooms.

How many pairs of shoes can you wear at a time? Well for most people it is only one, so think carefully about this. Shoes can be bulky. If you pick your location right you might be lucky enough to avoid any bad weather. You could take a small travel umbrella, or just buy one on the fly when and if you need it. If you plan to take a coat or jacket, make sure it is at least shower proof then just avoid heavy downpours.

If you pick your accommodation right, you may not need a towel. I was caught out only once in a Sydney Backpackers, where they did not provide a towel. It was for one night only so I brought a cheap towel at the airport and used the airport showers to freshen up before the flight. It worked well and I had a nice souvenir towel to give as a gift along the way.

Safety and Security

Don’t overthink this or you might just scare yourself out of taking the trip.

Insurance of course is a no brainer. It would be nice not to give our hard-earned money to another insurance company, but the risk outweighs this concept. The cost of medical care overseas is way outside any budget that you might have. Just a visit to the doctor will cost you $100 – $200 and a 7-day stay in a hospital will be $16,000, I don’t suppose that would include the aspirin.

As I mentioned in my earlier post, it is a good idea to carry all your valuables on you at all times. Things such as A night wandering in Bordeauxpassport, cash, credit cards ATM card, travel tickets and medical information. Keeping a copy of important documents is also a common recommendation. Don’t carry too much cash and maybe keep some separate in another location. How about n you shoe. If you do this, put it right down under your foot because I have lost cash before, that fell out after working it’s way up the inside of my boot.!.

When you are moving around alone, in foreign lands, make sure you don’t get complacent. Be aware of your surroundings and if you need to be prepared to blend in with the locals, or at very least with a group of other tourists. Just tag onto the edge of a group if ┬áthe situation requires it and, voila, you are not alone.

Like I said earlier, trust your instinct. If a situation doesn’t feel right then go to plan “B”. If you are wrong, then at least you have peace of mind.

Adventure-Go You Girl

So to quote Nike- Just do it!

If you already love adventure and spontaneity, then you will really enjoy traveling alone.

If you are reserved and cautious and have never traveled alone before, then you definitely have to do it. Life is too short to stay tucked up inside your comfort zone.

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