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Travel Tips for Women Traveling Alone

After making the decision to travel alone you might now just need a few ideas to start your planning. This may be either for your own piece of mind or to quieten those doubters among your friends and family that are worried about you heading off on your own.

Here area few ideas and travel tips for women traveling alone, that might just help your or someone that you know.

This is by no means everything that you will need to know but a few ideas that will get you thinking about various scenarios might help to start your solo travel experience with more confidence.

Don’t Let Your Fear Ruin Your Trip

To some people the thought of traveling to another country or even somewhere they have not been before can be a daunting thought.

Think about what it is exactly that you are afraid of and think logically through the situation. Is it the fear that you will be lonely? Turn that around into a compelling reason to go outside your comfort zone and meet people. Are you afraid of being a victim of crime? You can put things in place to minimize this. ( More about that later) Are you afraid that you might get lost, or miss a connecting flight? Being organized beforehand will minimize this, and worst scenario it just adds to the adventure.

Remember keep things in context and think what is the worst thing that can happen. Work through that with a solution for the worst possible scenario, then, if it ever happens you are ready to confront it. This will also help if you have to convince any doubters that might be worrying about things that haven’t happened yet.

Remember – Don’t overthink things that might ruin or cancel your trip

Are You Worried About Having to Eat Alone.?

Sometimes this can be a good thing as you can eat what suits you and you don’t have to compromise for a travel companion or partner.

If you really don’t like the thought of sitting in a nice restaurant eating dinner alone while there are tables of people all around, you may prefer to eat alone in your room. Choosing to order room service or takeaways for the evening meal on occasions is not a big deal especially if you have eaten breakfast and lunch while you are out and about.

Another option is to ask to share a table with another solo traveler if you see someone else eating alone. This might work better if it is a buffet type restaurant. What is the worst that might happen when you ask someone to share their table?

Someone might say no. Well no big deal, just think of it as their loss.

Take this opportunity to get more comfortable with your own company. You can people watch or spend

time reading or catch up on your daily travel diary while you have the inspiration of people around you.

Don’t worry about what people are thinking about you, most often most people are wrapped up in their own world anyway.

Think About Your Safety and Security

If you plan aspects of your security before you leave on your trip you can incorporate items that make this easier. Such things as padlocks for your bags, swipe free travel wallets and bags and a bag to carry your valuable on your body. Have a secure day pack or bag that you can carry with you at all times that you can secure your valuables in.

Valuable jewelry should be left at home but your passport, cash and cards should be with you and on you at all times. Don’t’ pack them in checked in luggage or on the luggage bays of the buses or trains. Once they are out of your sight then you have lost control of them.

Keep in touch with someone just to let them know your general whereabouts and just to touch base daily. With technology this is as easy as sending a message or even a photo. I know someone who took photos daily and her parents had the login to google photos so they could see what she was doing each day and to know that she was OK.

Stay aware of your environment and keep an eye on what is happening around you. For example, as I was waiting for a bus to the airport in Barcelona, looking like a tourist, with my trolley bag, i noticed two suspicious looking young men hanging around. They were standing apart but were obviously together as they were making eye contact. As I got onto the bus there was a delay waiting for the person in front to board the bus. One of the guys came right up behind me, but I was aware of him and shielded my bags and got onto the bus before he could do anything. I figured that he could have grabbed my bag if I wasn’t aware of him. .

If you are traveling in a more remote area you might engage a local guide. Not only will this give you a great insight into local information and history, but it will be a safer option that wandering around an unknown city, town or mountain all by yourself.

The World is My Oyster – Where Shall I Go?

There is a whole internet full of suggestions of where is the best place to travel for solo women travelers. A lot of the time the destination can be a personal preference and you may already have a bucket list of places that you want to go to based on your personal interests.

I have many places left on my bucket list but I can definitely suggest some top picks from my own experiences that I would love to share.

If you are in Europe I would strongly suggest a trip to Prague. This is a beautiful City with the most amazing buildings that managed to survive the WW2 bombings that occurred throughout Europe. Wandering around the city is surreal and is almost like a story book at times. There is so much to see that I know that there will be something of interest for everyone. My picks were the Prague Museum of Public Transport and the Prague Castle, and just wandering around the city.

If you like Celtic culture mixed with Medieval Castles and rugged coastlines and National Parks with beautiful lakes and scenery Wales is worth a visit.

New Orleans is the pick if you like to listen to live music and want to try some local cuisine, go on a swamp tour to look for alligators, do a ghost tour of the cemetery or just experience the Mardi Gras. You won’t be disappointed.

This is Character Building Stuff

You will find that traveling solo is character building and will open new opportunities to meeting people and growing you as a person. It will build your confidence and help you to step outside your comfort zone. You can travel without compromise or negotiations and all the decisions can be made by you. You can also be more flexible and change plans as you go along if that suits you as well.

You will be able to take time out from friends and family and then you will appreciate them more when you get back home.

10 thoughts on “Travel Tips for Women Traveling Alone”

  1. Thanks for the awesome tips, and I think I would love to go on a holiday alone just to recharge and get away from it all. I would be able to do just what I wanted to do and see what I wanted to, without having to consult with anybody else.

    As a woman alone, one can never be too careful though and one still needs to watch one’s belongings and stay in busy places. Much as you would love to go on a hike on your own, it is never a good idea, especially in a strange place.

    Would you say if travelling alone, it would be a better idea to take a tour package, or would this limit your freedom somewhat?

    • Michel, Thank you for reading my article. I appreciate your interest. 

      Yes I think that a tour package is a perfect way to combine the freedom of solo travel and to also meet new people. As you mentioned it is a safe way to see things that you would not be able to safely go to on your own. 

      There are so many options of tour packages and you can certainly choose a theme that will suit your interests. 


  2. Many people travel around to different places for different reasons. For me, it’ll be because I want to clear my head and be alone. One thing that I am concerned about is my well-being and security.blike you have said, the main valuables should be left at home and other important things should be left at home. I am a very security concious person and so that is all covered for me. Tha k you for sharing your tips on travelling alone. I’ll put them all in mind in my next solo trip. Thanks!

    • Henderson thank you for your comments and for sharing the added bonus that you find of clearing your head. It can be a great opportunity to do this when you are able to get away on some solo travel. 

  3. You cannot be more right with this article than you have right now and I truly value everything that you have written here in this article. To be honest, traveling alone can be daunting and seriously annoying to think of sometimes. But learning to do it and overcome the fear would really open the window of opportunity to explore the world at will. Knowing fully well you are a loner and free to do whatever you want to do without anyone restricting you is great to know of already. Thanks for this post.

    • Shelley, thank you for your insight and your positive comments. 

      I appreciate that you understand completely what the benefits of solo travel can be if you are willing to take the initiative and go on the adventure. I hope that this article will encourage others to just go for it as well.


  4. I was laughing as ibread through this post because the thought of my wife kept coming to my head and itbwas very funny. She is always scared of traveling alone and sometimes taking a long road to visit someone is also a problem lately. I really don’t know why. Personally I don’t see any reason because she haven’t given me any and I’ll love her to see this post, maybe it will help her get over the fear. Thanks for sharing

    • Dane, thank you for sharing that. 

      Yes I have noticed in my travels that several of my friends or acquaintances that have been surprisingly nervous and anxious about travelling on their own. I was actually surprised at the time because most of them didn’t seem nervous on a daily basis but when travelling and out of their comfort zones it was a different story. 

      It made me more aware and empathetic about how other people dealt with different situations and I realized that not everyone deals with situations the same or thinks the same as me. 

      My hope is that I can share a little insight so that others have the confidence to experience the joys of solo travel and find themselves.

  5. Now this is my comfort zone. I’ve always been a loner and travelling alone sounds like heaven to me. Although there are some insecurities here and there like what if I get robbed or kidnapped in a completely foreign place or even worse get lost in a place where they speak a completely different language.

    • Hope Gertrude, thank you for your comments. I like the fact that you are completely in tune with and appreciate the benefits of travelling alone. 

      You are right to be aware of the possibility of being lost in foreign places or being in a situation where you may be robbed or kidnapped.. You need to have a certain amount of fear to make sure you put things in place for this eventuality. If you make sure that you are aware of your surroundings and to make sure that you don’t put yourself in any compromising situations then you have less chance of being in an unsafe situation. 

      Making sure someone knows your intended movements and being aware of where you are and the possible dangers that you may face are all ways to avoid being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

      Language difficulties are a definite issue that you need to think about. You can help overcome this with the help of technology and use a translation app on your smartphone.This has helped me in various situations before. Also using a local guide can add to the cultural experience and help with language differences.

      Thank you


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